My name is Janice.  I hope you have enjoyed your Nature SPA experience.  Below are the Top 3 Questions asked by customers about Natural Healing.  We have helped many customers to regain their health and is confident Nature SPA will benefit you.


If you still have further questions,, you can email janice@portaspa.net or what's app me at 9239 2202.  Otherwise, meet me on Saturday when you come for your appointment.

Janice Choo
Founder & Wellness Ambassador

1. How often should I come for treatment?

We recommend weekly to keep your blood circulation going. After every Nature SPA, your body & feet will feel lighter.  Usually, about 3 days - your blood will start slowing down again. For natural healing to be effective, blood needs to keep moving where oxygen and nutrients are supplied to inflamed cells to promote natural healing. 

2.  How to speed up Healing Process?

a) Take a nap (if not just shut your eyes) to let your body wind down - your blood pressure will drop and your heart will be able to take a break. Sleep also causes the body to release hormones that can slow breathing, and relax other muscles in the body. This process can reduce inflammation and assist with healing.

b) Consciously deep breathe-in & out as there are abundance of Aromatherapy & Negative Ions within curtains

c) Drink plenty of water after treatment to help the body to detox as you pass out urine.   

d) If you need healing from hands upwards (e.g. eye, neck, shoulder, etc) - remember to soak both your hands in last 2-3 mins of the treatment. There are many acupressure points in the hands too. 

3. Why is my healing taking longer? 

Every person body is different as some may have more congested points (see picture below) to be unblocked. Be patience with Natural Healing treatment. If need be, increase your frequency of treatment to twice or thrice a week to see visible results. 

Knee/ Feet Pain

Reproductive Organs

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