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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why go for Natural Healing?  

This is because natural healing does not have the long term side effects of drugs that may trigger other health issues. 

2.  Why Nature SPA is Different?

Leveraging Technologies, Nature SPA promotes natural healing to heal inflammation with improved blood circulation

3.  Why Do You Treat the Feet Only?

Treatment from Feet is Supported by Scientific Proof - as it is your 2nd Heart. Full body immersion in hot spring temp of 40ºC (more than 10 mins) is too stressful for the heart especially those with high blood pressure or heart diseases. 

4.  Can Pregnant Ladies Do Nature SPA?

Our recommendation is to come after 1st trimester when mom and baby are more stabilized. Nature SPA gives good blood circulation, abundance of negative ions and reduce water retention on the Feet.  

5. Do you sell the Spa Equipment?

Yes we do. But from our past experience, many customers stop using it (the full set is around $3,000) after a while as they complained the inconvenience of cleaning up after use. Hence, we decide to provide it as a service to our customers to enjoy the convenience at affordable pricing. Here are our spa packages.

30 Mins is Equivalent to 6 Hrs Professional Foot Massage!
Ultrasonic Bubbles Unblocking Congested Points in Your Body via Your Feet
Natural Healing Takes Time

Give time to your body for natural healing as it depends on pre-existing health condition. Your body will feel better about 12 weeks of treatments.  

Drinking sufficient water is crucial after treatment to enable toxins flushing out via urine. Alkaline Water is made freely available for customers' consumption after treatment at our outlet. 

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PDPA Compliance : We comply with the PDPA Data Protection Policy.