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1.  Why go for Natural Healing?  

Many people now opt for natural healing treatment to increase blood circulation to avoid the side effects of medications.  Here are the different types of Natural Healing treatments

2.  Why Nature SPA is Different?

Nature SPA uses technologies' drive heat into painful muscle tissues through the feet. In addition, Nature Spa inclusion of Oxygen Therapy & Aromatherapy speeds up healing process. Quick Overview of Nature SPA

Please drink plenty of Alkaline Water provided and also come with comfortable attire or change to PortaSpa's attire.  You may want to bring along an extra set for a change after SPA. 

3.  Why Am I Experiencing Pain After Spa?

Due to healing crisis for severe inflammation e.g. arthritis, pain may be experienced on the 3rd session. This is only a temporary increase of symptoms which may be mild or severe depending on the inflammations.

Also, if the blood vessels walls are damaged, there could be a tightening sensation when the body is mending back the blood vessels. This is similar to a cut on the surface of the skin whereby the skin is "tightening up" when the open wound is closing.   

Continue with Nature Spa Therapy as per Consultant's recommendation, drink plenty of water & give your body time for internal healing.

4.  Why are my Legs itchy after Therapy?

This is a good sign which means blood has started flowing. Come for another 1-2 sessions for next 2 days and the itchy feeling will be gone once blood circulation is back to normal. 

Do let our Consultant know if you are experiencing the above symptoms right after Nature Spa. 

5.  Why You Do Not Treat Full Body?

Treatment from Feet is Supported by Scientific Proof. Full body immersion in hot spring temp of 40ºC (more than 10 mins) will be too stressful for the heart especially customers with high blood pressure.  

Nature Spa's therapy for the feet by raising water temp gradually to 40ºC is a soothing process that allows you to fall asleep easily

6.  Can Pregnant Ladies Do Nature SPA?

We recommend pregnant ladies to come after 1st trimester when mom and baby are more stabilized. Our Nature Spa gives good blood circulation, abundance of oxygen, reduce water retention & ease the heaviness on the growing baby. 

7. Is Package Necessary After Trial? 

No, if you would like to come for another 2 more sessions to experience the effectiveness of Nature Spa's treatment, you can still enjoy the same Trial Price of $36.00 for 2 more sessions. 

8. I am unable to reach at 5.45pm as I am coming straight from office. 

New Customers : Latest Arrival time is 6.05 PM (Mon to Thurs) as you need to fill up a Simple Health Survey for us to Customize the Aromatherapy Oils.  Existing Customers : Latest Arrival time is 6.15 PM  . P.S.  Come in Comfortable Attire as No Extra Time will be given to change clothes, etc.

9. Do you sell the Spa Equipment?

Yes we do. But from our past experience, many customers stop using it (the full set is around $3,000) after a while as they complained the inconvenience of boiling water and washing the tubs after use. Hence, we decide to provide it as a service to our customers to enjoy the convenience at affordable pricing. Here are our spa packages.

The Raving Reviews on Trip Advisor gives you the assurance of the Excellence Treatment. 

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