Immune System - Your 1st Defence

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Before going into explaining how your immune system goes "disorder", you need to understand how your immune system intended to work under normal condition. Immune system is formed by less than 1% of white blood cells. Everyday, your Immune System protects your body from bacteria, viruses and cancer.

See Your Immune System in Action!
When Your Immune System Goes Imbalance - Disorders

Immune System disorders can be under-active or over-active. Under-active immunity resulted to frequent infections while over-active immune system resulted to chronic inflammation. There are 100s of diseases caused by immune disorders.

Health Tips to Strengthen Immunity

Recommendation by Harvard Medical School

Stop Smoking, Eat Diet High in Fruits & Vegetables, Exercise Regularly, Maintain a Healthy Weight, Drink Alcohol in moderation, Practice Hygiene,

Adequate Sleep* and Minimise Stress **

* According to Mayo Clinic, inadequate sleep decreases production of cytokines (protein) which help to promote sleep, heal infection or inflammation.  Also, infection-fighting antibodies & cells are reduced when not getting enough sleep.

** Stress hormone corticosteroid can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system e.g. lowers the number of lymphocytes i.e. the T cells, B cells & Natural Killer Cells.

How PortaSpa Builds Your Immune System Naturally?

1.   Nature SPA Treatment : 

  • Close your eyes, rest as you enjoy Ultrasonic Bubbles Foot Massage that unblock congested points in your body. During treatment, inhale Anions that reduce stress, regulate sleep, boost immune system as Anions kill harmful bacteria & viruses. 

  • We use Technologies to efficiently transfer heat into deep tissues to improve Blood Circulation. Efficient circulation keeps organs in it's best working order as wastes created by different organs are removed. 

  • We include Water-Soluble Aromatherapy for easy absorption into blood stream via legs skin pores to ease stress, anxiety & depression to improve sleep and treat chronic inflammation that resulted to pain in the joints, etc.

2.  Drink Lots of Water to Detox Wastes

  • Drinking plenty of water (plus sufficient rest) ward off sore throat and flu. We recommend Alkaline Water for easy absorption into your body. Having it filtered ensured water is clean and free from chlorine, contaminants, pollutants, etc.

3. Sanitize Hands Regularly with Organic Tea-Tree Soap to kill viruses & bacteria effectively while protecting outer barrier of your skin without drying them. Testers are available at our outlet for you to try out too. 

4.  Regular Intake of Vitamin C

  • We recommend  our powder Vitamin C (500 mg) because it contained 7 types of colour foods, Fish collagen & CoQ10 which are good for healthy skin. 

Nature SPA sessions are made affordable to encourage customers to take a weekly breather from the hustle and bustle of the city life to prevent stress and burnout taking over unknowingly. Long term good health self-care will enable us to function at our best to solve complicated life issues or problems we faced at the workplace.

30 Mins Nature SPA treatment is Equivalent to 6 Hrs Professional Foot Massage to Unblock Congestion !! 

Ultrasonic Bubbles Foot Massage Therapy

For better results, soak your Hands in Ultrasonic Bubbles for 3 mins before Treatment ends.

Ultrasonic Bubbles Hands Massage Therapy
Natural Healing Takes Time
Give time to your body for natural healing as it depends on pre-existing health condition. Your body will feel better about 12 weeks of treatments.  
Drinking sufficient water is crucial after treatment to enable toxins flushing out via urine. Alkaline Water is made freely available for customers' consumption after treatment at our outlet. 
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