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Research Proved the Importance of Blood Circulation
Your Blood Circulatory System

Your heart is a muscle; no bigger than a fist. Every day, it beats 100,000 times, sending 2,000 gallons of blood and flowing through 60,000 miles of blood vessels without you realizing it. 

Blood Composition & Functions

To understand Micro-Circulation, we need to look at composition of Blood and their functions.

Plasma "The Transport System"

Plasma is referred as Transport System to Send Nutrients, Water & Collect Toxin, Carbon Dioxide from Tissue Cells for disposal. Travelling along are White, Red Blood Cells & Platelets 

Tissue Cells 

45% Red Blood Cells carry Oxygen to Tissue Cells 

<1% White Blood Cells 1st Line of Defence

<1% Platelets Prevent Cut from Excessive Bleeding by Forming Blood Clots 

What is Blood Micro-Circulation?

Micro-circulation refers to blood flowing to the smallest capillaries where Oxygen, Nutrients and Water are diffused into Tissue Cells while Water, Wastes, Toxins are diffused out of Tissue Cells to be transported out for excretion. 

What Are the Causes of Poor Blood Micro-Circulation

1)  Long hours sitting/standing

2)  Chronic Daily Stress

3)  Varicose Veins clots 

4)  Unhealthy Diet/Smoking. 

5)  Diabetes, heart disease, obese, etc.

6)  Injury not recovered/ after Surgery 

8)  Fats deposits cause Narrow Arteries

Symptoms of Poor Blood Micro-Circulation

Early symptoms affect hands & feet as they are furthest from heart. Subsequently, vital organs are slowly affected.

5-IN-1 Nature SPA Improves Circulation

This 30 Mins treatment can efficiently transfer heat into your Body's deep tissues via your Feet within 10 mins to dilate blood vessels - enabling blood flowing smoothly to relax tensed muscles and unblock any congested points in your body to heal chronic inflammatory joints, aches and pain.  

Including Anions & Aromatherapy in the treatment give you the elements of nature similar to you entering into deep forest.


Anions Therapy 


FIR Heat Therapy 


Hot Spring Technology


Ultrasonic Foot Massage


Customized Aromatherapy 

30 Mins is Equivalent to 6 Hrs Professional Foot Massage!

Every second the Ultrasonic Bubbles stimulate 132 acupressure points of your feet and unblock congested points of your body to improve blood micro-circulation. 

Ultrasonic Bubbles Unblocking Congested Points in Your Body via Your Feet
Raving Reviews Give You Assurance

Exceeded My Expectation

5 of 5 Stars Reviewed by Chan Y

Went to try out this nature spa as I was having muscle aches and foot sore due to the nature of my career. 

Initially I do not have much expectation about it. Since it was $36 for the first trial, I decided to give it a try.
To my surprise, it was way beyond what I had expected. It was very relaxing and soothe most of my muscle soreness. I will be going back again for this spa. Would recommend everyone to go!

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