Key Points to Remember for Nature SPA Treatment

1) Let us know your Health Conditions

2) Avoid Using Phone During Treatment  

3) Deep Breathing In & Out is Necessary

4) Drink Plenty of Water to Enhance Healing

5) Change to Comfortable Spa Attire

6) Close your eyes and have a good Nap

7) Inform Consultant if Water too Hot for You

Our Hot Spring Technology can raise water temp up to 42ºC,  Recommendation : 40ºC is a Perfect Temp that can increase blood circulation with a good Power Nap.  The gradual transfer of heat into deep tissue will expand blood vessels to increase blood flow. Do drink plenty of water before, during and after spa to enhance healing process.

Tell Us Your Health Needs

Deep Breathing

Relax & Sleep

1. Let Us Know Your Health Needs

E.g. Frozen Shoulder, Headache, etc. and We Will Customize the Right Aromatherapy Essential Oils & SPA Salts for You.

2.  Are You A Diabetic Patient?

If yes, we need to monitor your sensitivity towards hot water temperature esp first timers soaking at 40 - 42 ºC foot spa.  ​

3.   Drink Alkaline Water Provided

Alkaline Water is served before, during & after spa as it has smaller water molecules and are easier for cells absorption.

4.  Change/Bring Comfortable Attire

It is important that you wear comfortable attire when doing Nature SPA.  We do provide SPA attire upon your request. 

5.  Stay Relax Throughout

Our Starting Water Temperature for the Foot Hydro-therapy is 38ºC (Close to Body Temperature) & Will Gradually Rise to 40 - 42ºC.  

6.  Deep Breathe In & Out 

Nature Spa is releasing an abundance of Anions & Oxygen to help your body to increase blood circulation. 

7.  Put Aside All Mobile Devices

This is important to give your mind a complete rest. Anyway it is only a 30 Mins treatment. 

8.   Close Your Eyes & Nap!

Have a good power nap and we will monitor the Foot Hydrotherapy's temperature to keep it around 40 - 42ºC.

Maximse Session : Deep Breathing In & Out and Close Your Eyes to Rest
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