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Essential oils are mankind's first medicine with no side effects.  Our Aromatherapy essential oils are from Germany and they are water- soluble. You could add into your hot bath or use it to apply directly onto skin after a hot shower to relax tensed muscles. 


Quick Overview :

  • Pine Soothes Aching Bones, Reduces Pain on Damaged Nerves 
  • Juniper Relieves Stiff & Sore Muscles, Arthritis & Rheumatism
  • Hayseed Lubricates Joints, eases Tiredness & Soothes Arthritis
  • Eucalyptus Soothes Respiratory System e.g. Coughs, Flu & Sinus
  • Rosemary Improves Memory, Digestion & Blood Circulation
  • Chamomile Protects & Moisturize Skin & Treats Skin Allergy
  • Lavender Relaxes Your Mind and Body after a long day

Aromatherapy 50ml