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Ever thought your underlying health issues could be resolved with Good Blood Micro-Circulation?

中医俗语 “通则不痛、痛则不通,气血通畅百病消!”

TCM Saying : "Pains Exist Because Obstruction of Blood. When Qi (Oxygen) & Blood is Flowing Smoothly, No More Diseases!"

Nature Spa Rest & Relax Packages

5 SESSIONS @ $190 ($38/SPA)

Valid 5 Months

Regular Nature Spa Restores Your Body Back to Balance & More Oxygen Intake Means Better Mental Health!

10 + 1 FREE @ $380 ($34/SPA)

Valid 11 Months

 Pamper Yourself & Loved Ones with this Family Package as a Healthy Family Stays Happy!

Affordable Monthly Package to Get Your Blood Flowing!!! 

Restore & Prevent Illnesses with Good Blood Micro-Circulation

4 SESSIONS @ $100 ($25.00 PER TREATMENT)

Nature Spa Unblocks Congestion in 30 Mins With 5-In-1 Treatment
This treatment can efficiently transfer heat into your deep tissues within 10 mins to dilate your entire body's blood vessels to enable blood flowing smoothly in your whole body to relax tensed muscles and unblocking congestion. If this is your first time soaking  your feet in a hot spring (between 40~42ºC), please let us know your heat tolerance level and we can adjust the water temperature for the Foot Therapy to below 40ºC for a pleasant experience.

Oxygen Therapy 


FIR Heat Therapy 


Hot Spring Therapy


30 Mins Ultrasonic Foot Therapy = 6 Hrs Professional Massage!


Customized Aromatherapy 

Poor Circulation Causes Toxic Waste Accumulation

When blood is not flowing properly, water, oxygen and nutrients cannot get into deep tissues and wastes, toxins and carbon dioxide are be trapped in deep tissues too. Accumulation of toxic wastes in deep tissues is the main cause of many illness and diseases today. 

As blood circulation deteriorates, it will start affecting vital organs such as brain, kidney, liver & heart - the development of chronic illnesses e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, insomniaosteoporosis, alzheimer's,  stroke, cancer, etc. 

When Your Circulation is Poor - Water, Oxygen & Nutrients are Unable to Diffuse into Tissue Cells while  Waste & Carbon Dioxide are Trapped in Tissue Cells too. Overtime, all these accumulation of toxic wastes are the main cause of illnesses.
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Existing Customers : Latest Arrival time is 6.15 PM (Mon to Thurs) as The Salvation Army's Mega Family Store closed at 7pm sharp. 

P.S. No Extra Time will be given to change clothes, etc. 

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