1. Electrifying Sensation on the Feet? 

This means Nature Spa's treatment is effective and your blood has started flowing with the electrifying sensation.

Do you know your Feet are furthest from your heart, it is common that many people suffer numbness and pain due to poor blood circulation.

For diabetic patient, high glucose in the blood damages nerve sensation and blood vessels. Nature Spa's treatment will start to repair blood vessels and bring the sensation back.  

2. Why do my legs itch after Therapy?

This is a good sign which means blood has started to flow. This usually happens to people with poor circulation.


Come for treatment for next 2 days and the itch feeling will be gone once blood circulation is back to normal. 

Do let our Consultant know if you are experiencing the above symptoms right after Nature Spa.

Customers' Feedback : 90% Came Back to Tell Us They Sleep Better That Night !

3. Other Symptoms? 

You may feel "heaty" inside your body, experience pain, feel extremely tired - most likely you have not been sleeping well.  It is important to listen to your body and REST well. Drinking more water speed up healing process.  

Pain could be due to tissues inflammation or injury (not fully recovered) & your body is going through healing crisis. Persevere 3-4 treatment and pain would be gone.

Read how Nature SPA heal from the feetAlso, if the blood vessels walls are damaged, there could be a tightening sensation when the body is mending back the blood vessels. Time is required for healing to take place. 


Get your blood flowing with a weekly treatment with Oxygen and Aromatherapy nutrients supply to heal on-going inflammations caused by stress, poor diets, inactive lifestyle and injuries.  

Tell Us Your Health Needs
Deep Breathing
Relax & Nap
Drink Plenty of Water
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When customers come for Nature SPA, we always encourage them to drink plenty of our Alkaline Water before, during and after the treatment (even when they are home as the treatment has raised  body temperature to strengthen immune system.

More water is required by the body especially if you perspire during the treatment. 

Alkaline Water with smaller water cluster will speed up cells absorption and you will go to the toilet more often.

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Aromatherapy Essential Oils Singapore, Eucalyptus Oil Singapore, Aromatherapy Spa Treatments Singapore, Hot Spring Aromatherapy Singapore

The Raving Reviews on Trip Advisor gives you the assurance of the Excellence Treatment. 

Relaxing Experience @ PortaSpa 
5 of 5 Stars Reviewed by AmandaNg

"Specific essential oils were added in the foot tub which fit my own health requirements. The temperature of the water ranges around 38-42 degrees celcius(temperature is checked every now and then to ensure it lies within the range), which was tolerable and relaxing for my body. I was able to relax fully and take a 10-minute shut eye. I felt lighter after the experience and could breathe deeper. It did detox and left me feeling really great afterwards. Definitely a great experience and i recommend all to try this footspa."