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Natural Healing to Solve Your Health Issues 

Poor Blood Circulation may not be a disease but ignoring chronic symptoms like fatigue, migraine, headache, insomnia, frozen shoulder, back pain, numbness, varicose veins, swollen ankle, injuries, joint pains or low immunity can cause long term health issues such as cancer development.  

1 Min Video : An Extraordinary Nature SPA

PortaSpa is a Natural Healing Centre and we are Different from traditional hand massage. Nature SPA leverages on Technologies to transfer heat into deep body tissues via your Feet - known as the 2nd Heart to unblock congestion.  

Nature SPA treatment includes FIR Heat, Negative Ions (Air Vitamin) & Customising Aromatherapy for Hot Spring Ultrasonic Hydro Reflexology. We serve Alkaline Water to help your body Restore back to Balance Naturally. 

Scroll down to bottom of page to watch a Video Testimony on how Nature SPA helped a customer to lower his blood pressure and broke free 6 months of monthly eye injected caused by Diabetes!

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The Root Cause of Pain & Diseases is Due to Poor Blood Circulation

Both Eastern and Western medicine believe the importance of blood micro-circulation where blood is able to flow through the smallest blood vessels (capillaries) to deliver Oxygen, Nutrients & Water to tissue cells while Carbon Dioxide, Toxins, Wastes are transported out from tissue cells to different organs for excretion.  Understand Blood Circulatory System.

Poor blood micro-circulation is the beginning of many illnesses as  deep tissue cells are no longer well nourished with toxins building up within tissue cells. 

Also injuries or fracture may happen more frequently when bone tissues are not well nourished; Osteoporosis may occur. Over time, joint diseases like Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis are imminent. 

Healthy vs Toxic Red Blood Cells

Function of Red Blood Cells is to carry Oxygen & remove Carbon Dioxide out from Tissue Cells

Healthy Red Blood Cells are uniformly rounded and defined. This makes it easier for the heart to pump blood for the Circulatory System. Unhealthy Toxic Red Blood Cells formed long chains make it harder for heart to pump blood. This resulted to insufficient of Oxygen in tissue cells. 


Symptoms of insufficient Oxygen supply are fast heart rate, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, sweating, etc.

Natural Healing for Cancer Patients

Although the root cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency; our recommendation for cancer patients is to adopt a holistic approach with good blood circulation, strengthen immune system by managing stress, get quality sleep, drink Alkaline Water & minimise processed and fried foods to give your body time to heal and restore back to balance naturally. 

Nature SPA Unblocks Congested Points via Your Feet - the 2nd Heart

With the Ultrasonic Bubbles technology, Nature SPA is able to unblock congested points in your Body via your Feet - as every second. millions of ultrasound bubbles are continuously massaging all the 132 Feet acupressure points which are connected to 12 major organs of the Body.

Once blockages are removed, blood will start flowing swiftly from your feet back to your heart and your entire circulation will start moving efficiently once again. 

The water temperature in the Foot Tub is kept at a comfortable temperature to enable you to rest & power nap. When resting, your body will start to release hormones to heal inflammation.

Anions Therapy 

FIR Heat Therapy 

Hot Spring Technology

Ultrasonic Foot Massage

Customized Aromatherapy 






5-IN-1 Nature SPA Treatment
ONE Nature SPA Many Health Benefits

Pain Relief

Unblock Clots

Improve Sleep

Speedy Recovery

Inflammation Healed

Lower Pressure

Nature SPA is a Simple Process. Watch Videos here

All you need to do is to take a nap and let our Technologies and Aromatherapy work for you :) 


Aromatherapy Customized for Hot Spring Ultrasonic Bubbles Foot Massage Therapy


Have a Power Nap as you deep breathe in plenty of Negative Ions


Drink Plenty of Alkaline Water before and after SPA to enhance treatment

Why Nature SPA Works?

1) Technologies ensured consistent treatment

2) Aromatherapy is of premium quality

3) Serve Alkaline Water to enhance treatment

4) Our Hot Spring Technology works with the Ultrasonic Bubbles that could Unblock Any Congested Points in your Body via your Feet - the 2nd Heart

Frequently Asked Question

Why is Nature SPA only 30 mins? Usually a massage lasts about an hour. 

To explain above, you need to understand your skin is made up of many layers & heat produced by traditional massage is unlikely able to reach the deep muscles tissues.

With our technologies, heat could be quickly transferred to deep tissues within 10 mins to improve blood circulation to relax tensed muscles tightness.

Hence, it is not how long is the treatment but rather how effective it is. You are likely to be very skeptical to hear this but it's true ...... 

30 Mins is Equivalent to 6 Hrs Professional Foot Massage !!

Ultrasonic Bubbles Foot Massage Therapy
Poor Circulation in Hands?

If you have Hand Arthritis, do let our Consultant know in advance as we will guide you on how to Soak your hands during the last 5 to 10 mins of Nature SPA to unblock hands congested points while doing the Foot Hydro Reflexology.

Still Skeptical? We Offer Money Back Guarantee!

We understand your concern but we would like to give you our Assurance. If in any way you are not satisfied with Nature SPA's treatment, we will Refund you the $36 SPA Trial treatment.  You really have nothing to lose but more to gain. :)


$36 (40% OFF U.P. $60)

Book Appointment Online to Enjoy Further $4 OFF (1st Trial)

Testimony : Customer Broke Free from 6 Months of Eye Injection & Blood Pressure* Normalise Caused by Diabetes & Hypertension Respectively

Please note Natural Healing takes time and we do not recommend you to stop medications entirely. Please monitor your blood pressure daily and request your doctor to reduce dosage once blood pressure is reduced.  

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