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Propagating Lifestyle Wellness

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Corporate Wellness Education

We educate employees prevention is better than cure by integrating lifestyle wellness for long-term health benefits.

SG Workforce Challenges


Reliant on Medicated Drugs

Many employees are relying on medications only to keep blood pressure, sugar, etc. under control.


Chronic Stress & Inflammation

Stress affects immunity, can lead to chronic inflammation, which is linked to  autoimmune disorder


Lifestyle Cancers on the Rise

Strait Times reported in 2014 lifestyle cancer is on the rise which is connected to bad habits.

Underlying Health Issues

Many employees are unaware the root cause of chronic fatigue, poor memory, tissues inflammation, painful joints, varicose veins, numbness are caused by poor blood micro-circulation. 

Chronic Fatigue

Poor Memory

Tissue Inflammation

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Varicose Veins

Extremities Numbness

Blood Micro-Circulation

Blood is required to flow to the smallest blood vessels (called capillaries) to supply oxygen and nutrients to cells while toxins are transferred out of tissues cells for disposal. 

how micro bood circulation works

Poor Micro-Circulation ~ The Beginning of Illness

Poor blood micro-circulation prevents the inflow of oxygen and nutrients into cells while toxins are stucked in cells - the beginning of illnesses. Poor micro-circulation starts from hands and feet before spreading to other parts of body. 


Integrating Lifestyle Wellness

Lifestyle wellness can be done gradually as change is a process.

If you have chanced upon our website and have questions regarding our treatments, feel free to connect with us. 

Cosmetic Oils

Apply Essential Oils help to energize your day or sleep better at night 


Drinking Alkaline Water helps to speed up the detox process

Detox patch heals inflammation as toxins are sucked out of tissue cells


Ultrasonic Foot Massage improves blood micro-circulation

Below are some of the organizations that invited us for the wellness education :


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