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FREE* Corporate Health & Wellness Talks

People's Association

MTV Asia

DBS Bank, Asia Hub CS Centre

HDB, Carpark Div

Association of Muslim Professionals

The Salvation Army 

Corporate Employees Giving Our Wellness Ambassador a Thumbs-Up for the Wellness Education

CDAC @ Bukit Panjang

CDAC @ Ang Mo Kio

Our Wellness Ambassador Delivering the Talk in Mandarin to Empower Silver Generation with Wellness Education

LET'S GET MOVING! Getting Employees to Experience the Benefits of Exercise by Doing a Mini FUN Workout During the 60 Mins Wellness Education

Certificate of Appreciation Presented by Mr Narasinvar, Executive VP of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. The Wellness talk was attended by more than 60 employees

Companies Invited Us For Health & Wellness Education 

Employees' Feedback About Our Health & Wellness Education

"Thank you very much for the informative talk! Our staff really enjoyed it."  Senthil of MSIG Holdings (Asia) Pte Ltd

"Really meaningful, fruitful and enlightening."  Arasi of HDB, Bukit Batok Branch Office

"Didn't realize how blood circulation works. Haven't heard of you before. Do more social media marketing." Zara of MTV Asia

"Today, I learnt about Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) blood clots - and will take note of any symptoms." Wei of MTV Asia

"Good to learn about blood circulation. The key takeaway I have learnt today is less reliant on medications if we practice healthy lifestyle."  Esah of Housing Development Board, Car Park Division

"It is a good and useful talk. I will share with friends on what I have learnt." Mary of People's Association

"Water helps effective blood circulation & the danger of no exercise and unhealthy diet. I will share with my family and colleagues." Mdm Poh of People's Association

"Drinking water at the correct time maximise on the human body. I will share with friends/family.” Nancy of People’s Association

"Today I have learnt the importance of healthy blood flow, benefits of chia seeds, be mindful of diet & exercise. Interesting concept and thanks for sharing." Jason of Casino Regulatory Authority

“The duration of talk  was just right and I have learnt something today that I didn’t know before.” Sally of The Salvation Army

"After this Wellness Education, I will start a good habit of exercising." Maria of DBS Bank

"Didn't realize that many illnesses are due to poor blood circulation. After attending this talk, I will change my lifestyle habits." Winda of Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP)

Why Corporate Health & Wellness Education is Important?

Unhealthy lifestyle has caused many employees at risk with Diabetes, Hypertension & CancerCompanies should realize now if their employees are not educated to care for their bodies, they may need to start paying for the loss of productivity, higher medical costs such as sick leaves and may also lose their valuable asset - i.e. people to illness.  

The objective of PortaSpa's Health & Wellness Education is to empower busy employees with practical health tips for them to incorporate into daily habits to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Wellness Talk Via Virtual Platform Due to Covid

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are currently conducting the Wellness Education Virtually instead at your office premise*.  

Organizations Invited Us Using Virtual Platform :

NTU Staff Union  

SPF ProCom

Request for Wellness Talk Proposal

We have both *FREE & PAID Sessions 

Fill up the Request Form if you would like our Wellness Ambassador to submit a no obligation wellness talk proposal for 60 mins to your Company. There is no hard-selling in our presentation as education is our top priority. 

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