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Your blood pressure begins to rise when blood vessels are clogged up by plaque (cholesterol) on the inner walls of the arteries.

To keep your heart & arteries healthy, exercise regularly, reduce saturated fat (i.e. less intake of processed food) in your diet and drink plenty of water


It is important to check your blood pressure reading regularly to avoid serious health issues since hypertension has no warning signs


Untreated Hypertension can lead to complications such as Brain Stroke, Vision Loss, Atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries), Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, etc.


Poor Blood Circulation is a good gauge when the blood circulatory system is not functioning at its optimum.


Improve Blood Circulation

The internal warming through the Thermal Therapy will expand the blood capillaries which cause the increase of blood flow to improve circulation.

Customized Aromatherapy

Rosemary essential oil is added as when absorbed into the blood stream; it can increase blood circulation to stimulate the functions of liver to eliminate toxins as the liver detoxifies chemicals & metabolizes drugs.

Healing from the Feet 

Every second, the Ultrasonic Bubbles stimulate thousands of nerve endings and the 130s acupressure points to increase blood circulation so that every cell is supplied with oxygen and nutrients to give you an overall good health.  

* IMPORTANT : We DO NOT recommended you to stop your medications. It is important that you go for regular check up to ensure your blood pressure is under control.  You can request the doctor to reduce the dosage of the drugs as you improve your circulation regularly.

The Raving Reviews on Trip Advisor gives you the assurance of the Excellence Treatment. 


After 30 mins of Nature Therapy, Azizah was amazed that her Systolic BP was reduced from 156 to 142 mm Hg. Her heart rate has slightly increased from 87 to 94 showed that the heart is beating faster with some exercise effect while having a power nap.

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