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What is High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)?

When your Blood Pressure is higher than a Normal Range of 120/80 mmHg, it means you had Hypertension i.e. the pressure of the blood in the arteries tend to be higher than what it should be.

High blood pressure can prove to be lethal as it can affect normal heart functioning. It also can cause brain damage and can hamper normal kidney functions.  Data suggests shortened life expectancy in patients if proper treatment & management not applied.

Hypertension Symptoms

The Symptoms for extremely High Blood Pressure are Severe Headache, Fatigue or Confusion, Vision Problems, Chest Pain, Difficulty Breathing, Irregular Heartbeat, Blood in the Urine, Pounding in Your Chest, Neck or Ears. 

Factors Contributing to Hypertension Disease

The contributing factors are Obesity, Inactive Lifestyle and eating Junk foods that contain high sodium. 


Our body is naturally adapted to intake of 2.5g (1 teaspoon) salt per day and usually the same amount of salt has to be excreted out from the body.


Hypertension can develop when the body is unable to excrete sodium from its system properly. 

How Nature SPA Lowers Blood Pressure?

Nature SPA inclusion of FIR Heat Therapy, Negative Ions, Aromatherapy & Ultrasonic Energy Bubbles in the Hydro Reflexology plus Drinking Alkaline Water to Heal Inflammation & Restore Body back to Balance Naturally. 

Above combined therapies can within 10 mins transfer heat into deep tissues via the Feet to unblock congested points in the Body. The heat transferred dilates blood vessels; thus improves blood flow which helps the body to detox toxins (including excess salts) via urine. 

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Ultrasonic Bubbles Foot Massage Therapy

30 Mins is Equivalent to 6 Hrs Professional Foot Massage to Unblock Congested Points to enable Blood to Flow smoothly!!

Testimony : Customer Broke Free from 6 Months of Eye Injection & Blood Pressure* Normalise Caused by Diabetes & Hypertension Respectively

Please note Natural Healing takes time and we do not recommend you to stop medications entirely. Please monitor your blood pressure daily and request your doctor to reduce dosage once blood pressure is reduced.  

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