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Feet is Known As the 2nd Heart

According to TCMs, there are hundreds of diseases in the body that can be cured from the Feet because there are more than 130s acupressure points connected to 12 major organs of the body and 7000+ nerves on each feet connected to the Brain via the Spine.

Therefore, getting the congested points in the Feet unblock with blood micro-circulation can resolve many health issues. 

Shoulder Pain
High Blood
Back Pain

Sex Power & Reproductive


Bottom : Knee/ Heels/ Feet Pain / Piles

Common Poor Circulation Symptoms

When blood circulatory system is slowing down, first to be affected are hands and feet as they are furthest from the heart. If untreated, other parts of the body such as brain (poor memory), joint pains, swollen ankle will be affected.

How Our SPA Technology Improves Micro-Circulation?

FIR Heat Therapy

Ultrasonic Massage

Ultrasound Technology

Our portable spa technology equipment could every second unblock congested points for both of your feet by combining the treatment of FIR Heat Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy and Ultrasonic Massage to increase blood micro-circulation. 

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