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Knee/ Feet Pain


Your feet are known as your Second Heart because there are :

1) more than 130s acupressure points which are connected to the 12 major organs of your body; and

2) thousands of nerve endings that are connected from the feet to the brain through the spinal cord which formed the central nervous system or CNS (that process sensory input and controls most functions of the body and mind).

As the Feet is furthest away from the heart, hence, the upward flow of blood back from the the feet to the heart may get weaker over time due to Poor Circulation.

Poor circulation has resulted to water retention, swollen feet or feeling 'heavy' when walking. 


The massaging of the Ultrasonic Bubbles Foot Massage Therapy is similar to the therapeutic bubbles at waterfall.


1) 30 Mins = 6 Hrs Professional Massage

Exprience immediate relaxation as 30 Mins Nature SPA's Hot Spring Ultrasonic Bubbles Foot Massage Therapy is equivalent to 6 hours of Professional Massage! 

2) Aromatherapy Added for Healing 

Customized Essential Oils are added to enhance the treatment to relieve the pain & tension that has built up in the muscles.

3) Improves Blood Circulation 

Heat transferred into deep tissues expand blood vessels thus increased blood flow resulting to Oxygen & nutrients supplied to all major organs of the body to heal inflammation.


4) Improves Nervous System

When the thousands of nerve endings are stimulated all at once, it will increase effectiveness of your brain, boost cognitive skills & memory.


Reviewed by Rebecca O

Very relaxing. Staff are very professional and explained the process of the spa therapy. What I like most is, it helps me to burn 600 calories.


Reviewed by coldkohmew

Was greeted and filled up the form to determine what problems to be solved. BP taken and spa started. Water was bearable and very relaxing,slept all the way

Sooooo Relaxing!

Reviewed by Helfox67

I didn't know what to expect.....I was just looking for a different experience. After 1/2 hour of my feet soaking in this hot bubbling mixture of therapeutic salts and essential oils (customized to meet your specific needs), I was totally relaxed. Haven't felt like that in a while. I will definitely return!

foot massage spa in sg, best foot massage spa singapore, singapore best reflexology spa, best foot reflexology spa singapore

The Raving Reviews on Trip Advisor gives you the assurance of the Excellence Treatment. 

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