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Injuries or Tissues Inflammation

Whether you need to have a recovery for your muscles tissues inflammation or injury resulted to ligament torn, bone fracture, ankle sprain, etc - the symptoms experienced are pain, swelling or bruising which resulted to difficulty standing or walking properly.

Best Way to Recover from Injuries

The best way to treat all these injuries (including hands/wrist injury) is to provide good blood circulation to your body.


When your blood is circulating, oxygen & nutrients can be supplied to the inflamed cells to ensure quick healing.

Raving Reviews Give You Assurance

No More Crutches in less than 2 weeks : Doctor has advised Mr Sharen Osman to go for surgery but he discovered Nature Spa on Facebook and came to try out our Natural Healing. He came with 2 crutches as he has torn his left calf muscles.

Our Consultant advised him to come daily for effective treatment.  By the 6th session, he could walk with the support of the walking stick & the calf muscles are no longer swollen. He told us he could even walked down the staircase without any more pain on his legs.

It was a bonus and definitely a joy when he saw the bump of his varicose vein (right leg) has disappeared too. He was grateful to PortaSpa for healing his injury in such a short time.

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