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Portable  SPA Equipment

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Wellness at Your Home Convenience

With the ongoing pandemic, going to a much-needed muscle and joint pain massage could be interrupted with a  lockdown.


With the portable spa equipment, you can now enjoy home spa treatment at the comfort of your home. 

Hydro-therapy Body Massage


Coupled with warm water, you can enjoy a hot bath with ultrasonic bubbles stimulating 360s of your body acupressure points in every second to increase your blood micro-circulation. This is beyond what a professional masseuse can do. 

5 Health Benefits in 15 Mins

1. 5 mins equal to 1 hr body massage

2. Internal warmth strengthen immunity

3. Removes dead skins on the body

4. Slimming & body contouring

5. Burn calories like exercise

Hydro-therapy Foot Massage

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The ultrasonic bubbles will stimulate and unblock 130s feet acupressure points every second to activate internal organs. This foot therapy is excellent for people with poor circulation issues as feet are known as our second heart.

5 Health Benefits in 15 Mins

1. 5 mins equal to 1 hr foot massage

2. Internal warmth strengthen immunity

3. Kills bacteria and fungus on your feet

4. Activates organs connected via Feet

5. Burn calories like exercise


FIR Board

4-in-1 Spa Equipment

Ozone - Anions - Ultrasonic Bubbles - FIR Board

Every second, the SPA equipment releases 46 litres of air filled with Anions (negative ions) and a tiny amount of Ozone that is 3000 times more effective than chlorine in killing germs, bacteria and fungus infection.

During the spa, you will experience ultrasonic bubbles massage to release congested acupressure points in your body or via your feet to improve blood circulation.  

The spa equipment also works with a Far Infra Rays mat or FIR board to produce internal warming in the body/feet to improve blood micro-circulation to strengthen your immune system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don't think the bath tub can fit my home's toilet?

We have 3 different sizes of portable & light-weighted bath tub that can fit in most HDB flats : 

Acrylic bath tub size  as per below : 

Size 1 :  W28" x H23" x L36"  

Size 2 :  W28" x H23" x L41"  

Size 3 :  W28" x H23" x L46.5"  

For hydro-therapy, the depth of the bath tub is important so that you can be in a sitting position to enjoy the ultrasonic bubbles massaging your back, shoulder, neck, and the front of your body.

2.  I am worried my home water & electricity bill will go up.

Based on the current electricity and water rate and combining with Aromatherapy essential oil, your home spa session is about $2.50 per day.  Moreover, the spa water could be used twice a day before recycling it for other home washing. 


3.  How many times do I need to do the spa in a week?

Once or twice a week can help our body to maintain healthy blood circulation.  If you wish, you can also do this body spa on a daily basis to replace your shower routine since it has all the health benefits. 

For the foot hydrotherapy, it is proven with very good healing benefit within a smaller confined space, doing once or twice a week is sufficient for good blood circulation. 

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