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Majority people in a family have busy schedules and with our portable spa equipment, everyone could enjoy the treatment at home - to heal body's of inflammation/injury by increasing blood micro-circulation.  

A daily usage of 10 to 15 mins of Foot Hydro Massage relieves stress and speed up healing of inflammation.  

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  • Relieves Stress

  • Eliminates Fatigue

  • Have a Good Sleep

  • Relieves Cold & Flu




  • Reduces Swelling

  • Promotes Faster Healing

  • Inhale or Apply on Skin



Enjoy at Home

SPA Technologies Explained

Leverage Technologies to transfer heat into deep muscles tissues

Heat expands Blood vessels to improve blood micro-circulation promotes healing


Every second, the SPA technology releases 46 litre of air filled with an abundance of Anions with a tiny amount of Ozone which is 3000 times more effective than chlorine in killing germs, bacteria and fungus infection. 

The Ultrasonic Bubbles is produced naturally when 46 litres of air gushes out from the spa machine in contact with water in the Foot Tub. And together with the FIR heat board below the Foot Tub; heat is transferred into your deep muscle tissues to create internal warming of the body to improve blood micro-circulation.

How PortaSpa Technologies Work?

This all 5 in one treatment can efficiently transfer heat into your Body's deep tissues via your Feet within 10 mins to dilate blood vessels - enabling blood flowing smoothly to unblock congestion to heal chronic inflammatory veins, arteries, muscle tissues, joints, etc. 

Anions Therapy 



FIR Heat Therapy 


Hot Spring Technology

Ultrasonic Foot Massage




After the 1st session, the pain could be reduced by 30~60%. For pain to be completely gone, you need regular blood micro-circulation.  We recommend 10 to 15 mins daily usage to experience visible results.

Overview : How PortaSpa Integrates Lifestyle Wellness?


Adding Aromatherapy into Foot Tub

Rest during treatment & breathe in Aromatherapy & Anions

Drink Plenty of Alkaline Water Helps to Detox via Urine

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