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Portable SPA Hydrotherapy 

portable spa

Hot Springs : Ancient Healing in Modern Times

Hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years as a means of healing. Hot springs has the ability to help your body heal itself through its warming, soothing and calming properties to promote increased blood flow and circulation, which delivers more oxygen-rich blood to your muscles.

Popularity of Hot Spring

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Hot springs are found near volcanoes area. Ancient civilisations such as Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Japanese loved soaking in hot springs because of their healing properties. 

Benefits of Hot Spring

  • Relieve aches and pain

  • Heal skin problems, etc.

  • Reduce stress and promote sleep

  • Most important, it helps to boost blood circulation

Enjoy a Hot Spring Spa at Home

With the advancement of technology, you could enjoy a hot spring at home and soak at your comfortable water temperature.

With PortaSpa's 4-in1 technology, a 15 mins hydrotherapy spa is equivalent to 3 hrs of professional massage! 


Hydrotherapy Ultrasonic Bubble Body Massage

Benefits of Our Body Hydrotherapy :

1. 15 mins equal to 3 hrs massage

5. Relaxes & de-stress the whole body

2. Internal warmth boosts circulation

3. Whiten skin & remove dead skins

4. Slimming & body contouring

Hydrotherapy Ultrasonic Bubbles Foot Massage

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Benefits of Our Foot Hydrotherapy : 

1. 15 mins equivalent to 3 hrs massage 

2.  Improves mobility & relieves pain 

3.  Kills bacteria & fungus on your feet

4.  Activates organs connected via Feet

5.  Promotes better sleep at night

PortaSpa's 4-in-1 Technology

Every second, the SPA equipment releases 46 liters of air filled with (1) Negative Ions and with a tiny amount of (2) Ozone. Negative Ions increase the flow of oxygen to your brain to relax your mind and ozone is 3000 times more effective than chlorine in killing germs, bacteria, and fungus infections.  

During spa, (3) Ultrasonic bubbles & (4) FIR will transfer heat deep into your bones. organs and tissues to warm up your body internally. This internal warmth starts to expand blood capillaries resulting in an increase in blood circulation where oxygen and nutrients will be supplied to tissue cells to speed up the healing process. Add Aromatherapy for its healing properties.

FAQ: What is the Difference Between PortaSpa's Hydrotherapy vs Jacuzzi?

PortaSpa's Hydrotherapy is leveraging technology to create Ultrasonic bubbles that could transfer heat deep into bones, organs, and tissues to create internal warming to increase blood circulation. 


Whereas a jacuzzi is using water jets to create strong bubbles (similar to water jets used for car washing). Sitting in a jacuzzi and allowing the water jets strong bubbles to hit directly on your soft skin tissue may cause internal tissue injury without you knowing. 


Jacuzzi's Water Jets

Testimonials on Trip Advisor

Simple Way to Relax

"I was skeptical about how simply sitting with my feet in a water bath would take away my stress, but I have to admit, it was one of the most relaxing foot massages that I have ever had. The wonderfully fragrant aromatherapy totally relaxed me." Glen

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Marked Decrease in Knee Pain

"I love the fact the Wellness Consultant takes time to find out your health condition so they could recommend the right essential oil. After treatment, I noticed a marked decrease in knee pain after the experience and felt light on my feet." Swuan

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Speedy Recovery for Fractured Elbow

Reviewed By Jaswinder Kaur on Google Review

The PortaSpa helped my daughter recover from a bad elbow fracture within 1 month. There was no need for physiotherapy. The doctor was surprised at her recovery and he previously told us that she will need 8 physiotherapy sessions. I highly recommend PortaSpa. 

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