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How to Recover from Mild Stroke & Muscle Weakness 

Without Physiotherapy or Enduring Slow Healing Process


Stroke recovery is a long, difficult process for patients and relatives. Two of the most challenging processes are those related to the regaining of mobility and independence.


Most people have difficulties controlling their limb movement because of muscle weakness and balance limitations. Hydrotherapy has been proved as an effective treatment for mild stroke patients to increase strength and range of motion in involved limbs.

PortaSpa's 3-Steps Framework

Anyone who has had a stroke will agree that they desire to get back to his or her normal life as quickly as possible.


For people who have had mild stroke and had to stay at home after discharge, we have a 3-Step Framework to help you recover quickly.

If this sounds like something for you, then let’s chat about how we can work together! We offer a free 30 minutes consultation on what is the #1 secret for stroke patients to heal faster.

During the consultation, we will provide some insight on our process for helping mild stroke patients to improve their mobility and get their lives back on track. And if after our call, things seem like they're a good fit then we can move forward to an actionable plan to help you or your loved ones to recover faster. 

Full Recovery From Mild Stroke
Janice Photo High Res.jpg

Ms Janice Choo
Wellness Ambassador

mum's old picture.jpg

Mdm Sim @ 66 yo (2008)

Mum 2017.jpg

Mdm Sim @ 76 yo (2018)

In 2008, Janice's mum suffered a mild stroke with the left side of her body after a tumor was removed from her brain. Although her family had a domestic helper to assist, it is a known fact that caring for a sick person is extremely stressful and draining. 

Being a Christian, Janice prayed for her mum; and miraculously her mum was healed and within 3 months could walk again. With the 2nd chance Jesus has given to her mum, Janice began making an intentional healthy lifestyle change for her mum and herself.

Janice was also introduced to the hydrotherapy treatment by chance in 2009 to improve her mum's mobility as she still had weak leg muscles even though she could walk again. 

Janice's mum is in her 80s and is an active senior citizen who now looks younger than before. 

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