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Wake up feeling refreshed & rejuvenated when you paste this herbal patch before you go to bed can help to relieve shoulder pain, muscle soreness, alleviate painful joints, removes water retention, heal inflamed swollen ankle and promote better sleep.


This detox patch is from Korea made with natural herbal ingredients - which gives you the assurance of using it without worrying any long term side-effects.

Instructions on How to Use Herbal Detox Patch 

We recommend you use it at night before you sleep and to wear socks (dark color) as initially there are likely lots of liquid being sucked out. After 6 to 8 hours, Herbal Detox Patch will "suck" out toxins or water retention from your Feet. 

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After 6 to 8 Hours ... 
Customers' Testimonials



"I have tried the ones from China ... not so effective. This one from Korea sucked out lots of liquid from my feet till recently, it's gets lesser. I can walk better now.  I have referred my friend Theresa and she said it's very effective for her too." Alvin

Initially, Herbal Detox Patch could be oily and wet as toxins are sucked out. The darkened color should turn lighter gradually as you continue with the treatment. Results vary with individual body's constitution & toxins level in your body. 

It is preferred your wash your feet with warm water (instead of cold water) the next day to remove the toxins below your feet for good blood circulation. 

Doctors Advise Against Long-Term Use of Medicated Plasters from Pharmacies 

This is because medicated plasters consist of drugs - just like any other medications. Long-term usage could result accumulation of drugs in the body and could impair blood-clotting mechanism & cause liver toxicity.