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Self-Detox Patch 

Price : $12

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Muscle Aches & Inflammation

Nowadays, employees working long hours on the desk have resorted to using medicated plasters to cover up their aches & pain. Chronic inflammation can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, infections, environmental toxins, poor diet, or after exercise. 


However, doctors warned long-term use of medicated plasters (which contain medicated drugs) could impair the blood-clotting mechanism and cause liver toxicity as drugs could enter the bloodstream via the skin pores.


Self-Detox Patch as Alternative

Reducing the amount of inflammation in the body is crucial to keep your body running smoothly. 


We recommend using this natural Self-Detox Patch made from plants and herbal ingredients to relieve your back pain, shoulder pain, muscle soreness, or tightness, alleviates painful joints, removes water retention, heal inflamed swollen ankles, and promotes better sleep by purging toxins out of the body.


Paste it while Working 

Wear dark colored clothes to avoid staining


Paste it Before Bedtime

Wear socks to improve blood circulation


Paste any parts that have pain. Remove Patch  4 - 8 hours. After removal, wash the area with warm water to improve circulation

Toxins Sucked Out After 8 Hours




Customers' Testimonials

5 of 5 Stars Reviewed by Alvin

"I have chronic knee pain and tried the ones from China. They are not so effective. This one from Korea sucked out lots of liquid from my feet till recently, it's getting lesser and I can walk better now. I have referred my friend Theresa and she said it's very effective for her too." 

5 of 5 Stars Reviewed by Rashid

"I have pain in my shoulder along the Meridien nerve area. Janice introduced the detox patch to me. After pasting for one night, lots of toxins were sucked out and my shoulder pain has lessened. Finally, I found a detox patch to treat my shoulder inflammation."

5 of 5 Stars Reviewed by Diana

"I bought the detox patch for my parents. They paste it before going to bed. They were surprised that the patches were so wet the next day. My dad's shoulder pain was lessened after pasted for a night. My mum said the pins & needles at her feet are much better now. 

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