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Calm Sea

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Price : $42.00 (50 ml)




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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment and has been used as medicine for thousands of years in ancient China, Egypt, and Indian cultures to promote health and well-being. Recently, aromatherapy has attained more recognition in the science and medicine field.

Aromatherapy is made by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant (flowers, bark, leaves, or fruit) to extract out the aroma.  It can take several pounds of a plant to produce a single bottle of essential oil. 

PortaSpa Aromatherapy Selection

As there are many types of essential oils in the market but not all are suitable for direct inhaling or skin application.


We have selected premium quality essential oils made in Germany that could use in various ways and do not require you to buy a carrier or base oil to dilute before use.

Our water-soluble essential oil can be used for your regular bath, foot soak, or apply on your skin directly without causing any skin irritation. 

Why Our Aromatherapy is Unique?


Our Aromatherapy could be directly applied to the skin for nutrients to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin pores to improve oxygen supply to heal tissue cells.

Before & After Exercise Use


Standing/Walking Long Hours


Applying Juniper Essential oil before and after your exercise helps to reduce your muscle soreness. If your work requires you to stand or walk long hours, you can apply as many times as possible to relieve the pain.

Our Aromatherapy Helps to Improve Poor Circulation


Applying the correct aromatherapy daily has many health benefits such as relieving stress and fatigue, improving memory, sleep quality, healing chronic inflammation, numbness, reducing varicose veins, and improving circulation for unhealed injury, strengthening immunity, etc.  

How to Use PortaSpa Aromatherapy?

Reduces Stress & Anxiety


Apply Pine right after shower helps to de-stress

Strengthens Immunity


Breathe in Eucalyptus to strengthen respiratory system

Soothes Sore Muscles


Juniper reduces Pre & Post Exercise muscle soreness 

Improves Sleep Quality


Add Lavender for a warm foot soak prior bed time

7 Different Types of Aromatherapy Essential Oils



Calming, Relaxing & Promotes Better Sleep

extremities numbness


Relieves Stress & Helps in Recovery for Nerve Pain



Strengthens the Immune System & Relieves Flu, Cough, and Sinus 



Lubricates Joints, Bones & Soothes Painful Arthritis


Disinfects, Moisturizes & Soothes Eczema Skin, Dry Skin, & Skin Allergy



Improves Blood Circulation & Reduces Numbness and Pain


Relieves Sore Muscles, Rheumatism & is excellent for Pre & Post-exercise therapy


Customer Testimonials


Rosemary Strengthens Heart Circulation

"I bought the oil and passed it to my mum after I attended the company's wellness talk. Previously, my mum told me several times while sleeping, she was awakened due to chest breathlessness. The Wellness Consultant recommended mum to apply Rosemary on her chest every night before she sleeps. Mum said she can breathe and sleep better now." Linda

Juniper to Relieve Knee Injury

"I chanced upon the website & bought Juniper oil (after my chat with Wellness Consultant) to relieve my knee pain due to over-exercise. She also recommended the Self-Detox Patch, to speed up the healing. I now applied Juniper to my knee and muscles before and after exercise to reduce muscle soreness." Sam

Relieves Cough with Eucalyptus

"Had a cough for months and seen many doctors. The Wellness Consultant introduced me to Eucalyptus. My windpipe and my lungs felt relieved after inhaling the oil directly. I was advised to drink more warm water to get rid of the phlegm. I do understand natural healing takes time & I need to do my part too." Siti

Stiff Shoulder & Back Pain  

"Due to my incorrect sitting posture, I had stiff shoulder & back pain. I stumbled on PortaSpa website when looking for natural healing. The Wellness Consultant recommended me doing stretching exercises with the combined use of Rosemary & Juniper to start the healing process. I felt more energetic now." SW Tan

Below testimonials are based on an individual's experience as every person's body constitution is different and their healing period may vary. 

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