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Your Blood Circulatory System

Your heart is a muscle; no bigger than a fist. Every day, it beats 100,000 times, sending 2,000 gallons of blood and flowing through 60,000 miles of blood vessels without you realizing it. 

4 components of blood :

What is Blood Micro-Circulation?

Micro-circulation refers to blood flowing to the smallest capillaries where Oxygen, Nutrients and Water are diffused into Tissue Cells while Water, Wastes, Toxins are diffused out of Tissue Cells to be transported out for excretion. 

What Are the Causes of Poor Blood Micro-Circulation

1)  Long hours sitting/standing

2)  Chronic Daily Stress

3)  Varicose Veins clots 

4)  Unhealthy Diet/Smoking. 

5)  Diabetes, heart disease, obese, etc.

6)  Injury not recovered/ after Surgery 

8)  Fats deposits cause Narrow Arteries

Symptoms of Poor Blood Micro-Circulation

Early symptoms affect hands & feet as they are furthest from heart. Subsequently, vital organs are slowly affected.

How Our Portable SPA Technology Improves Blood Micro-Circulation?

Numbness. Tingling Sensation or Sharp Pains

Are Symptoms of Poor Circulation

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