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Alkaline Water on the Go!

Price : $15.00

alkaline stick
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Alkaline Water Anywhere

If you are living a hectic lifestyle, it is important that you drink more water to improve many health conditions such as muscle and joint pain. Staying hydrated helps your body fight inflammation as toxins are flushed out. Alkaline Water is micro-clustered and hydrates your tissue cells faster without letting your stomach feel bloated.

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Price : $15

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How Alkaline Stick Works?

Alkaline Stick changes clean acidic minerals bottled water or your office dispenser's water to alkaline in 10 mins! 

Alkaline Stick's Features

1) Convenient & Economical

2) Usage 300 litres for 3 -4 months

3) $0.17 per day (3 litres/day)

4) Maximum alkalinity pH 9.35

5) Quick absorption into body 

5) Make of corrosion resistance stainless steel 

Can Alkaline Stick Use in Singapore's Tap Water?

Yes, Singapore water is safe to drink directly from the tap. The Alkaline Stick besides converting tap water to alkaline water, it will also remove chemicals such as chlorine from water. But residues from tap water's source still remain as no filtration is done. 

How to Use Alkaline Stick

1. Wash Alkaline Stick before use

2. Soak Alkaline Stick in a water bottle

3. Shake water bottle 10 to 15 times

4  Water is ready to drink

5. After use, shake excess water off Stick 

6. Put Stick back into the container

7. Store Stick in a cool dry place 

For hygiene, Alkaline Stick is for personal use.

Specifications of Alkaline Stick

Tourmaline stone & Maifanite : contain beneficial minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, etc

Far Infrared Stone : removes bad odor of water and also convert water to smaller molecules for easier body cells absorption.

Nano Silver Powder : keeps harmful bacteria out of drinking water

Calcium Ions : is required by the body for transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction, blood clotting, cardiac functions, etc.

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