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Perk up your energy with pleasant tasting drinking water everyday!

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Drink Purified Water

  • Tastes pleasant as chemicals, contaminants, pollutants and rusts are removed 

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Micro-Clustered Molecules

  • Quick hydration to cells with no bloated feeling

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Health Benefits are :

  • ​Eases Constipation, Improves Blood Micro-Circulation and Boosts Immune System

Acid Body a Magnet for Sickness

According to Dr. Theodore, he states :"The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is they all come from the same source.... too much acid waste in the body."

How Your Body Becomes too Acidic?

Human body is slightly alkaline, with a blood pH of around 7.4. Today, unhealthy diets have resulted to too much acid waste in the body which cause health problems and inflammation.

How to Select the Right Alkaline System?

There are many brands of Alkaline Water Systems in the market. High end Alkaline Water systems cost more than $1,000 with change of Filters est $100 to $300 in every 3 to 6 months.

There are also cost-effective Alkaline Water Pitchers available that cost less than $100 with every Filter change est $30 in every 2 - 3 months. 

PortaSpa decides to market the brand that is affordable by the public. This Alkaline Water Pitcher turns tap water to pH 8.5 to 9.4 alkalinity while filtering off 90% pollutants and contaminants.

It is safe to drink the Alkaline water directly from Pitcher after filtration. If you wish to drink warm or hot water, you can boil it after filtration. The Alkaline water will still remain micro clustered even after boiling.

Direct from Tap ~ Water from Spore Only

Alkalinity pH 8.5 to 9.4

3.5 Litres

Dimension : 29cm x 15cm x 27.5cm

Pitcher Price : $65

Filter Price : $28 (Change Every 2 Months)

Customers' Testimonials


Less Gout Attack

My husband has gout and after drinking the Alkaline water for a couple of months, the gout attack is less frequent now." Mdm Wong


Feeling Oesophagus Less Acidic 

"I had acid reflux condition. After drinking Alkaline Pitcher water for 4 months, I feel my oesophagus track is less acidic when I woke up in the morning. Previously, I need to drink something warm in the morning to avoid getting gastritis."  Mdm Tan


Water Retention Improved

"I was looking for a simple cost-effective Alkaline Water Pitcher as I had water retention issues. After drinking the Alkaline Pitcher water for about a month, my water retention issue has improved."  Ms Siti

Comprehensive 8 Layers of Filtration

This Alkaline Water Pitcher has 8 layers of filtration to remove more than 90% of contaminants, chlorine, chemicals, odors, heavy metals, etc from tap water and uses natural mineral balls to convert Tap Water to Alkaline water naturally without any electricity.

Filtration : Actived Carbon

  • Purification of Water

  • Remove Chlorine, Odors & Heavy Metals

  • Absorb Organic Pollutants, Dediments, etc.

Filtration : Ion Exchange Resin

  • 90% Filtration of Lead, Zinc, Copper & Pollutants

  • Soften Water, Remove Rust, etc... and

  • Natural Mineral Balls Convert to Alkaline

Multiple Tests Conducted to Ensure Quality of Alkaline Water 
Test #1 : Soak Nails in Alkaline Water vs Tap Water

We soaked some nails in Alkaline Water & Tap Water since 2014. Nails soaked in Tap Water get rusty within 2 weeks while Nails soaked in Alkaline Water have not turned fully rusty since 2014. Till to-date, the Alkaline Water remains clear.

Other Tests : pH Level, Micro-Cluster Molecules & Fruits Cleansing

We tested our Alkaline Water Pitcher with others Water Systems that costs $2k and above. The last cup is Sprite and that is why it showed acidity of the soft drink.  We conducted 3 major tests as below. 

Pitcher Price : $65

Filter Price : $28 (Change Every 2 Months)

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