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leveraging technologies for natural healing treatment

Our Story

PortaSpa started in 2013 and is the 1st in SG to design the concept of Nature SPA using technologies for natural healing treatment.  With Technologies, 30 Mins of Nature SPA's Hydro Foot Reflexology is equivalent to 6 hours of Professional Foot Massage.  In addition, Nature SPA's inclusion of Aromatherapy, Anions, FIR Heat & Drinking of Alkaline Water help to restore our customers' body back to balance naturally.  

The Company was recommended by Trip Advisor - the world's most visited travel website since Nov 2014. And for 3 consecutive years, we have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence Award by Trip Advisor as we have demonstrated our highest commitment towards service excellence.

Wellness Education

Today, many companies ranging from SMEs, MNCs and government agencies have discovered us through the internet and have invited our Wellness Ambassador to conduct Wellness Education for their employees to promote a healthy working lifestyle - to cope with the hectic working life.

We believe as we continue to provide an integrated approach in our wellness education, more people can be the master of their own health even though Singapore is moving towards an ageing population. 

 Trusted Brand Since 2013
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PDPA Compliance : We comply with the PDPA Data Protection Policy.