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This is a premium quality hot spring spa salts originated from Germany that is excellent for your bath or foot soak.


The spa salts are excavated 100m underground in Germany's hot spring area and is crystallized with 40% herbal essence. It contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromide, sodium, zinc, sulphur and chloride. It has 3-5 times higher density than regular sea salts. 



Seaweed : Soothes sore muscles and reduces water retention, etc.


Melissa    :  Promotes hormonal balance, de-stress and calming


Lemon     :  Cleansing, sterilizing, exfoliate skin with whitening effect


Weight Per Tub : 400g



Usage :

Add 5ml into water for a relaxing bath or foot soak

Hot Spring Aromatherapy SPA Salts

  • to UEN : 201308934W

    PortaSpa International Pte Ltd

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