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An Extraordinary Nature SPA
Outlet Ceases Operation on 27 Feb 2021

Nature SPA leverages Technologies to create 5-IN-1 Treatment to Promote Natural Healing

Using Technologies to Transfer Heat into Deep Tissues via Your Feet

Our Technologies are capable to efficiently transfer heat (beyond Layer 1, 2 & 3 of your skin) and go into deep muscle tissues, bones, joints & organs to unblock congested points in your body via Foot Hydro Reflexology solving health issues. 

relax singapore, back pain singapore, muscle pain singapore, deep tissue pain singapore, deep tissue massage treatment singapore
Combined Technologies in a 30 Mins Treatment
SPA Technologies Explained

Every second, the SPA technology releases 46 litre of air filled with an abundance of Anions with a tiny amount of Ozone which is 3000 times more effective than chlorine in killing germs, bacteria and fungus infection. 

The Ultrasonic Bubbles is produced Naturally when 46 litres of air gushes out from the spa machine in contact with water in the Foot Tub; it produces millions of bubbles. And these millions of bubbles keep colliding & bursting becomes Ultrasound Bubbles. 

Right below Foot Tub, there is a FIR board that produces heat naturally with ceramic materials within. PortaSpa combined FIR heat & in-house designed Hot Spring Technology to raise water temperature gradually from 38°C to 40°C to enable customers taking a Nap without feeling extreme heat of water temperature. 

How Traditional Deep Tissue Massage Works?

1 hour of Traditional of massage using skin compression can only reach Layer 1 of Skin. Also heat produced by hands can never reach the deeper inflamed muscle skin tissue where pains are often felt. 

How Nature SPA Transfers Heat to Deep Muscle Tissue?

Nature SPA uses Hot Spring Ultrasonic Energy plus FIR Heat to efficiently transfer heat into deep muscle tissues to improve Blood Flow to Heal Inflammation & Restore Body back to Balance Naturally.

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30 Mins is Equivalent to 6 Hrs Professional Foot Massage!
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Ultrasonic Bubbles Unblocking Congested Points in Your Body via Your Feet

Nature SPA inclusion of Aromatherapy, Anions, FIR Heat & drinking Alkaline Water to restore your body back to balance naturally

Raving Reviews Give You Assurance

Surprisingly Simple Way to Relax

5 of 5 Stars Reviewed by NatGeoGlen

"When I took the introductory offer, I was skeptical about how simply sitting with my feet in a water bath would take away my stress, but I have to admit, it was one of the most relaxing half hours in a spa that I have ever had. The wonderfully fragrant oils and salts, plus the changing water temperature totally relaxed me."

Nice and relaxing place
5 of 5 Stars Reviewed By Maymoem

"Really relaxing and awesome place that I have ever been to. Most of all I felt so relaxed and fell asleep hahaha! What an amazing feeling! Staffs are professional and friendly. I will encourage some of my friends to come along with me."

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