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Can Traditional Massage Reaches Inflamed Muscle Tissues?

Your skin is made up of many layers. And pain usually comes from the deepest muscle tissues.  A good massage does provides you temporary relief for a day or two. However, the warmth produced by the hands of the therapist can never reach deepest muscle tissues to increase blood circulation to heal inflammation.

How Traditional Deep Tissue Massage Works?

Traditional massage therapist uses hand compression and the heat produced by human hands can hardly reach muscle tissue. You probably feel relax during the massage but the root cause of muscle tissue inflammation is still not resolved unless oxygen & nutrients are supplied to heal the inflamed tissues through good blood micro-circulation. 

How Nature SPA Transfers Heat to Deep Muscle Tissue?

Nature SPA uses Hot Spring Ultrasonic Energy plus FIR Heat to efficiently transfer heat into deep muscle tissues via the Feet to improve Blood Flow to Heal Inflammation & Restore Body back to Balance Naturally.

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15 Mins is Equivalent to 3 Hrs Professional Foot Massage!

Nature SPA not only uses Technology to transfer heat into Deep Tissues to improve blood circulation, every second it also uses Hot Spring Hydro Reflexology to unblock congested points in your body via your Feet to relieve painful muscles.

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Ultrasonic Bubbles Unblocking Congested Points in Your Body via Your Feet
How Can Foot Hydro Reflexology Relieves My Shoulder or Back Pain?

The answer is because in each of your feet, there are more than 7000 nerves connected to the brain via the spine & with more than 132 acupressure points connected to the different parts of your body including shoulder and your back. Check out the Foot Reflexology Chart.  


When the ultrasonic bubbles are unblocking congested points in your body; heat is also transferred internally gradually via your feet to your body to expand blood vessels. Expanded blood vessels get your blood flowing with oxygen and nutrients to heal inflamed muscle tissues.

However, you need to give your body time for natural healing. Here's why

Raving Reviews Give You Assurance

Perfect Way to Revive

5 of 5 Stars Reviewed by Heagam

What a great find! The spa was a welcome relief to our aching feet! We enjoyed our visit so much we went back a second time. The staff was so welcoming, informative and friendly. The spa was a wonder treatment of essential oils specifically mixed to suit your profile, (which you fill out on arrival), while being offered alkaline water.

We floated out on rejuvenated legs and went for a chili crab dinner as recommended by the staff. Super Helpful, Super Friendly and will definitely visit when we return to Singapore.

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