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Over activity Immune System causes 100s of Autoimmune Diseases resulted to chronic inflammation e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis which occurs when your immune system attacks the lining of membranes (synovial) that surround your joints.

Left untreated, chronic inflammation can worsen your health condition and affect your day to day life with severe pain. 


Inflammation becomes painful when the swelling within pushes against the sensitive nerve endings. This sends pain signals to the brain.  Depending on the severity of the inflammation, pain ranges from stiffness, restricted mobility, discomfort to constant agonizing pain when it becomes severe. 


PortaSpa is a Natural Healing Centre and we are Different from traditional hand massage. Nature SPA leverages on Technologies to transfer heat into your Body's deep tissues via your Feet - known as the 2nd Heart. 

Nature SPA inclusion of FIR Heat Therapy, Negative Ions, Aromatherapy & Ultrasonic Energy Bubbles in this 5-IN-1 Hydro Reflexology plus Drinking Alkaline Water will improve Blood Circulation to Heal Inflammation & Restore Body back to Balance Naturally. 

Ultrasonic Energy Bubbles + Heat Therapy produced in the Foot Tub could within 10 mins efficiently transfer heat deep into your bones, organs & tissues to improve blood circulation to Heal Inflammation. 

30 Mins is Equivalent to 6 Hrs Professional Foot Massage !!

Ultrasonic Bubbles Foot Massage Therapy

After the 1st session, the pain could be reduced 30% to 60% and you will feel lighter. For pain to be completely gone, you need to give your body time for healing to take place with regular circulation improvement.

The Raving Reviews on Trip Advisor gives you the assurance of the Excellence Treatment. 

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