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5 Things to Know About Nature SPA's Hot Spring Foot Hydro Reflexology

Apart from quenching your thirst, water has therapeutic uses as well. Have you ever heard of Foot Hydro Reflexology that leverages on technologies to help to improve your blood micro-circulation? It's unique because 30 mins is equivalent to 6 hours of Professional Foot Massage to unblock congested points in your body!

Below are the Health Benefits :

1. Soothes your Muscles with Hot Spring Foot Hydro Reflexology

If you are experiencing aching muscles or joint pains, Foot Hydro-Reflexology helps your foot muscles to relax with the ultrasonic bubbles massaging.

2. Protects your Feet

The inclusion of small amount of ozone in the Foot Hydro Reflexology is 3000 times more effective than chlorine in killing germs, bacteria and fungus accumulated on your feet. Uncomfortable shoes might give you blisters or shoe bites. Foot Hydro Reflexology makes sure that there is no bacteria build up in those open sores.

3. Add Hot Spring Salt

Hot Spring salts are added into the foot tub which help to reduce inflammation. As you immerse your feet in the warm water, minerals salt regulates the electrolyte levels in your feet and rejuvenates the nerves. Also, it helps in warding off foot odor and reduces fungal growth in your toe nails.

4. Add Essential Oils

Adding few drops of essential oil to your Foot Hydro Reflexology alleviates muscle ache. These aromatherapy are known to work wonders for arthritis, injuries, etc.

5.Improves Body Functions

Want to improve your sleep patterns? Try Nature Spa's Hot Spring Foot Hydro Reflexology. It not only induces good sleep but, also help in removing blood clots and improves liver functioning.

Do you feel like trying it yourself? Get in touch with us. We offer the best Foot Hydro Reflexology spa to relax your senses. If you want more information about our treatment, please visit our website or you can call us at +65 6348 2329.

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