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Stress is a Silent Killer

Long term chronic stress can affect your overall health. Cardiologists say stress is an under recognized factor contributing to high cholesterol.


Chronic Stress Can Affect Your Health Long Term

Scientists found every day small stresses accumulated can hurt your health. Medical experts warned stress can be developed into stress-related disorders e.g. tension-type headache and migraine or experiencing chronic inflammation of joints, muscles, tissues, etc.

How Stress Affects Your Health?

When stressed, brain will activate adrenal gland to release stress hormone into the blood. Your heart will start to beat faster, blood pressure going up and liver will convert glycogen to glucose to give your more energy to cope with stress. Too much glucose in the blood leads to diabetes. 


When stressed, immune system will start to shut down & you will be more susceptible to infections.

Fight COVID-19 by Lowering Your Stress
Your Body Can Heal by Itself with the Right Elements of Nature

Regular interval of keeping yourself away from the hustle and bustle of city life prevent stress and burnout taking over you unknowingly. 

Long term good health self-care strengthen your immune system and enabled you to function at your best to solve complicated life issues or problems you faced at workplace.

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Exceeded My Expectation

5 of 5 Stars Reviewed by Chan Y

Went to try out this nature spa as I was having muscle aches and foot sore due to the nature of my career. 

Initially I do not have much expectation about it. Since it was $36 for the first trial, I decided to give it a try.
To my surprise, it was way beyond what I had expected. It was very relaxing and soothe most of my muscle soreness. I will be going back again for this spa. Would recommend everyone to go!

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