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April 9, 2013


First foot massage products distributor, now so spa owners

By Atiyyah MOHD SAID


TWO years ago, Mr. Makhali Kasmani overcome pain in his knee after using a foot massage tools that leverage water pressure.


This then led him to become a distributor for the product produced in Taiwan as it is for sure it will be beneficial to those who have health problems such as stress or chronic disease.


However, Mr Makhali, which is a private ambulance firm owner ER Ambulance & Services Pte Ltd, is also aware that many cannot afford it.


Thus, Mr. Makhali with five other products distributor have joined forces and invested $30,000 to open a Wellness Center Portaspa last month.   The spa center is located at the Kreta Ayer Road is offering a foot massage service through leveraging technology tools hot water pressure.   Each massage session is limited to 15 minutes at a price of $ 20 can increase blood flow, burn 200 to 300 calories and reduce pain in the body.

Family & Life Magazine

PortaSpa By Family & Life

December 2013 issue


Juggling a career, the children and the household can be an arduous affair. Our society expects ladies to carry out Herculean tasks while still maintaining their feminine side, and that can take its toll. Janice Choo understands this more than most and created PortaSpa, Singapore’s first and probably only foot hydrotherapy spa for today’s busy professionals who desire a quick perk-me-up, whether during the middle of the day or after clocking out from the office.


Unlike other spas, PortaSpa promises a satisfying foot spa experience within 15 minutes, thanks to its cutting-edge hydrotherapy machine. Relax in the centre’s comfortable chairs while your tired feet is gently assaulted, prodded and massaged by millions of therapeutic ultrasonic bubbles in the foot bath.

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